Darrin, 19, from Detroit

“One day after Bible study, the pastor and I shared the previous experiences about our past and near death experiences that awoke us and made us question the purpose of life. We also discussed tragedies within the world that we live in and what may help develop our world into a better place. I feel as if what the Pastor is doing is not only beneficial to our community but also our world in all. The youth in my community not only have a safe place to get away and hear this good message within the church but also a place where they can come and be themselves and also better themselves. With great leadership and by the grace of God this church will do great things for a lot of people all around the world.”

Pad, 18, and Mew, 18, from Bangkok Thailand

18 year old, Pad, from Thailand joined OTM through an outreach church held in Bangkok Immanuel Church. She gave to her life to Christ. Through meeting Jesus Christ, she shared with her friend, Mew, who then gave her life to Christ as well. Below is their story.

“One day after Bible study, a church member asked me, ‘Do you want to read the books of the Bible?’  She asked since I was interested more in this new knowledge and wanted to listen and learn more. After listening to the Gospel, I received Christ as Savior the next time I went to the church.  After I believed in Jesus, I felt confused about my old religion so I continued to study the Bible and understand more. Now, I am confident that God has chosen me.

“I believe Jesus Christ gave me the assurance of salvation in Him. I trust that He gives me a better life. I can trust the members in the church like brothers and sisters. They continue to give me advice and teach me the Bible. Just as them, I want to love God more.

“Now that I believe in Jesus, I always feel like I am not alone; He is always beside me. Now my life is blessed, in my family and in my studies. All things I encounter look easy.”

Once being evangelized Pad told her close friend that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. She told one church member that her close friend Mew was interested in Christianity. With an urgent heart, the minister shared the Gospel to Mew.

Sister Mew reflected, “It actually started from a misunderstanding from Pad, who thought that I was interested in Christianity. After listening to the Gospel, I wanted to get rid of my sins and live a better life. I decided to believed in Jesus. Before I had fear since I didn’t know how to face in the future. I felt confused. But now I am sure of the salvation I received in Christ.”