OTM Chapters Worldwide Prepare Christmas Celebrations

OTM chapters worldwide have set up special activities, programs, and a variety of performances for this Christmas season.

1 (1)In Malaysia, teens have prepared many activities in their Christmas programs. They will participate in a musical drama, worship dance, instrument performance, family game-night and lastly sing choir together. On December 26, the church will organize a special event just for them.

Teenagers in Detroit Calvary will make a special Christmas dance. In Detroit, the youth often come from broken families and dangerous areas. Therefore, the ministers are diligently encouraging the teens to invite their parents to the Christmas retreat to view their performance and be touched by Gdetroit 30 youthod’s grace.

Another church in the U.S., New Life in Baltimore, a 14-year-old, has gratefully agreed to play his violin at the Baltimore Christmas retreat and has been practicing daily.

In Thailand, High Schoolers will also have a special performance. The teens, who have been joining the Acting Class weekly, made a skit to perform in the Christmas event. These teenagers come from a Bhuddist background, yet are willing to make the performance and have invited many of their friends to view the skit.teen1

May God reveal His deep love for all these teenagers through the birth of His Son. Let’s all join in prayer that numerous teens can be transformed this Christmas.